The Story


The coffee…

It all started when he had an idea. Great coffee is great coffee. And there is so much great coffee out there. That goes almost without saying. But he asked himself, "but what are we DOING as coffee professionals?" So Ryan Mahoney set off on this journey.

The mission is to change the role that coffee plays in our neighborhoods and communities to create a conduit of support and generosity from those who love coffee to organizations that serve our communities and those within them.

We are actively developing and creating relationships to create blends of coffee in partnership with some amazing non profit organizations in our New York City communities that do much needed work to help strengthen and empower our fellows. Buying these coffees contributes 20% of the proceeds directly to the partner organization.

The Uptown Art Mezzanine...

Coffee and creative people go hand in hand. What once used to be a place creative people would all congregate at, has now become the place most work at.
The Uptown Art Mezzanine is a hybrid art gallery that is all about accessibility and support for artists, and nurturing and making space for the creativity that inspires us all.
By having a space that supports local artists here in the city gain access to showing their work, we hope to empower the uptown artists with accessibility to showing their art, without being charged outrageous hanging fees and commissions. 


Drink good coffee. Do good things.